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Some twenty years ago in the small Finnish village of Klaukkala, three young boys were bored out of their minds. Klaukkala was a quiet place, with few attractions for three boys like us. So, to pass the time, we used to sneak out into the forest. In the glow of a campfire, we would share stories, laugh and do our stuff late into the night. In the forest, we could just be the boys we were.
Years passed. In Helsinki, on the wooden benches of Pyry’s sauna, our paths crossed again. It must have been the second or third round in the heat already, when we realized that we all shared one thing in common – a strong passion to unique watches. Bearing in mind that we were all inspired by the beauty of our forests, we decided to take action. Yet we didn’t quite know how to combine these two passions of ours. Then our eyes set on the three watches we had left lying on a wooden table.
That is when Aarni was born.
-Pyry, Niklas & Samuli The Founders
Aarni is a Finnish word for wild, untamed forest untouched by the hands of man.
Respect for the environment is paramount to Aarni, as the world is already full of rubbish and they do not want to be part of that chain but to create sustainable products from responsible materials.
Aarni spends a lot of time designing and fine tuning their products. With the help of clear design language, the aim is to bring out the beauty of natural materials. Aarni watches have been awarded the Design from Finland label in recognition of Finnish design.
Aarni is satisfied with only the best possible materials, components and manufacturing methods. The products are relentlessly tested before being made available to everyone. Therefore, you never have to think about throwing away your Aarnia.
The design of Aarni products is the result of long and careful work. The wood gets better as it ages and is at it’s most beautiful as it’s just natural and unprocessed. That is why the wood used in Aarni products has only been lightly treated with special oil - nothing else is needed.
In Finland, forests are an integral part of our national identity, but in much of the world, deforestation is a real threat. That is why Aarni makes every effort to ensure that the wood used in the products does not cause deforestation. All foreign wood used by Aarni is certified and their country of origin has been examined. The origin of domestic wood, on the other hand, is known with the precision of the locality, and the sustainability of cultivation can be determined first-hand. Needless to say, Aarni products do not use endangered wood species. Ever.